Making copy more appealing and powerful for the right audience and turning it into sharp, readable English.

Does your literature or website need to cover specialist material? It's easy to hide behind jargon and lose the message in the detail. I can help sharpen and structure such documents. 

Perhaps you need to pep up an article to appeal to the right audience - children, governments, customers, tourists - or to make it fit house style or copy count?

Some people simply aren't confident about writing, punctuation or structuring an article.  As a professional editor, I can shape your text to read well, making it more appealing and effective.

I can also pull together, write and edit the material for a whole newsletter or magazine.

"Whenever we need a writer or editor, we always use Eleanor Bird. She understands the project from the first briefing and produces sparkling copy and succinct editing. Her writing enhances our design and helps to create material that is complete and considered."                  Sue Rentoul, Director, Susan Rentoul Design.


Oxford Brookes University Magazine, Observe, brings together in one glossy publication all Brookes' news for alumni, local community, parents, business and the academic world. I was lead editor for several editions, researching and writing all news sections and editing all features for house style and length. I worked with the University's designers to select photographs and arrange pagination.  Full document (1.27MB).

Like many newsletters, the RCN's Activate (for RCN workplace union reps) needs to be punchy, readable and edited to fit a tight number of pages.  Full document (1.67MB).

The Thomson Foundation's background manual for journalists on sustainable development was commissioned by UNESCO. This was more than an editing job, involving rewriting exisiting material into a new style and researching and writing additional material to expand the document. Full document (2.02MB) (NB: further small changes were made to this document before publication).

An example of how an editor's touch can improve the readability of copy, without substantially changing it:  a client had written: 

"Industry has many examples of the impact of exceptional customer service by focusing on the customer at every level of the organisation, changing the manner in which employees interact with clients and each other can reap huge dividends."

I edited this to read:    "Changing the way employees interact with clients and with each other can reap huge dividends. There are many examples in industry of how exceptional customer service - focusing on the customer at every level of an organisation - can make an impact."

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